Friday, March 13, 2009

A little poetry and Donna.

My mother recieved this book from the mail yesterday and I found its interesting. I do love poetry but I just can't write one. I guess most of us can't. Anyway, I just want to share it with you all and if you can't read it, click on images and it'll come up big. I haven't heard any words from Donna except she's out of ICU and into a room. I'll get to see her eventually. So, have a little patience and hang in there. Just like Donna herself. Have a good weekend until next time.


Linda's World said...

Let us know how Donna is doing. Glad to hear that she's out of ICU. That's a good sign. Linda in WA

Hollie said...

Thanks Nancy! "We Do Not Walk Alone" is just what I needed to read this morning. You started my day right. Give Donna a big HUG for me when you see & tell her I'm praying.

Jan said...

Nice to hear Donna is out of ICU ,give her a hug from me when you see her Jan xx

k2shine said...

Hi Nancy are you Irish? LOL couldnt tell for sure by the beginning of your blog.

Stop by to leave your sister Donna a message. Tell her that kim k2shine said get a move on I miss her online. Praying and get well soon! hugs

Terri said...

So glad to hear Donna is out of ICU and in a room...

Keeping her in my prayers!