Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some better days. Donna

Photobucket My nephew was over this afternoon and Donna is still in alot of pains. They might move her out of ICU tomorrow or in a few days. She is very hungry. I guess the feeding tube she is on is not helping her with her. I didn't get to the hospital because of driving arrangement. I do not drive, MOM still have the cold and got some antibiotic for its. My DAD went with my nephew this afternoon with my brother. They pick me up from class and my nephew was driving my Dad's car. IT was a nice surprise. My MOM gave him some of our dinner tonight. I don't know what his story maybe its for his lunch tomorrow. He told me that he'll take me to see DOnna and I got to go to school at 3:30 and he gets home from work about that time. SO, I told him maybe after class, I stop by. I wish I can get better offer. I know I can walk up there but its has been windy and cold in the 30's. I don't like walking all by myself in the rural suburb. Its had been a long time since I took the bus. I don't need it here. I do lives near the hospital. Maybe tomorrow my brother and I will walk up. We'll have to play by ear. Depending on the weather commute. I will do my best to get to see Donna anytime. We'll go from here and I do my best for posting for DOnna. I Really appreciate all of your comments and dedications. Take care and have a great night.


Everybody is praying for you DONNA.. WE LOVE YOU.. >>j<<


Gaboatman said...

I'm sorry Donna is in so much pain right now. It is a good sign, though, if they plan on moving her out of the ICU tomorrow. I hope you are able to work out a way to be able to visit your sister. Please let her know we are all rooting and praying for her. Thanks!

Hollie said...

You don't need to be walking alone....especially in the cold. Thanks for keeping us posted. It sure means a lot. Give Donna a big hug for me.

Sonya said...

Yeah, the walking alone scares safe and we are praying for Donna.

Joyce said...

We continue to pray for Donna. Thank you for keeping us updated. I'm sorry she is in so much pain.
Hugs, Joyce

Jan said...

Dear Nancy ,thankyou again for this post ,sorry Donna is still in pain ,and hungry ,give her my love when you get to see her ,hope your Mum soon feels better Jan xx

Julie said...

it is good Donna might be moved out of ICU soon, show's she's getting better. Sorry she has to be in so much pain. Still praying for a successful outcome.

Kathy said...

Huge hugs and many prayers her way. And thank you for keeping us posted.

I do hope you get to visit her soon.

Debbie said...

Nancy you are doing great posting for Donna. Thank you so much, I appreciate you taking the time to let us know how Donna is doing. I'm so sorry she is in so much pain. I hope you get to visit her soon. I don't blame you for not wanting to walk to the hospital alone. Hopefully your Mom will feel better soon. Thanks again for updating us.


Gerry said...

Thanks so much for keeping us posted about Donna. Let us hope the pain will ease soon. I hope you are able to be accompanied to the hospital to see her. From another blogger who has appreciated her talents. Gerry

ADB said...

Thank you very much for your updates, Nancy. I'm sorry to hear that Donna is still in pain, but hope with you that she will improve soon. Keep us posted, you're doing great :-)

Maria-K. said...

So sad to hear that Donna is in pain and feels hungry. I sure hope she will feel some improvement soon. We all keep her in our prayers. Hope your Mom will feel better too. I hope Donna's son is doing fine. You take care of yourself. ~Maria

Gayla said...

Thank you so very much for the updates on Donna. I'm so sorry for her pain and I know she must be miserable. Hopefully soon they can get her pain under control.
I love your blog and you have done a really great job with it! :)
BIGGEST HUGS to you and Donna :)

MariesImages said...

Thanks for the update, Nancy.
Keep us posted & give Donna lots of hugs from all of us...Ü

Terri said...

Thanks for updating us Nancy...

Keeping Donna in my prayers!